On Subscriber Swag, David Fincher's 2020 'Mank,' and the Glorious Put-on of Orson Welles
Choose Your Own Adventure
As You Like It
Dollars to Donos
Pardon Our Dust :D
On Scarcity, Abundance, Collection, and Territorial Pissing. On Todd Verow’s 2012 ‘Bottom,’ Éric Rohmer’s 1967 ‘La Collectionneuse,’ and Luc Moullet’s …
Fassbinder/Chabrol, Chabrol/Lang. On Claude Chabrol’s 1977 ‘Alice, ou la dernière fugue,’ 1990 ‘Dr. M,’ and Sundry Other Titles
On the Long Rise, Shocking Sundering, and Hurly-Burly Hollywood Larks of Bobby Clark and Paul McCullough
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